i hope you’ve learnt nothing

I hope this heartbreak has taught you nothing.

I hope, the next time you love, you love with all the reckless abandon that you did almost 4 years ago now.
I hope it doesn’t harden you.
I hope you remain soft, and open.
May your heart remain supple.
I hope it doesn’t diminish your capacity to trust another person with your dearest secrets and darkest memories.
I hope the old clichés don’t play out – once bitten, twice shy.
I hope you remain bold in the face of love.
And still grab it with both hands, fiercely.
And fearlessly.
I hope you have learnt how to love someone deeply, and to accept a sincere love in return.
I hope you have learnt love is worth putting everything you have on the line for.
I hope you allow yourself to be loved again, even at the risk of it all not paying off again.
Because time spent wholeheartedly loving someone is time well spent, and not to be regretted.

I hope this heartbreak has taught you nothing at all.

2 thoughts on “i hope you’ve learnt nothing

  1. Dear Storms – beautiful thoughts beautifully written, as usual. So heartwarming to read.

    I feel it as you talking to yourself?

    Finding the wisdom and courage not to succumb to the black echo in your next romance.

    Which of course makes you even more lovable.

    This wisdom is one of your great strengths.

    You have so much to offer your next love. But be sure they are actually worthy of the fabulous woman you are – because not everyone is.

    All the best my friend.

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    1. Thank you again for your kind comments.

      Yes, that piece was me giving myself a bit of a talking to. I felt like I needed it. I don’t want to become this hardened, fearful, cold person because of all the heartbreak I’ve experienced. I want to remain open and soft.

      I will certainly make sure the next person is worthy. Thank you.


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