phonecall with a counsellor

“Sounds like you have a lot to process at the minute”


“Leaving your job…”

Mm hmm.

“That promotion, that sounded like it was something you were really passionate about…”


And I guess you’re still processing your new diagnosis too?”

Yeah, I am. It’s a lot.

And then having to deal with all the negative emotions that come with a break-up too?”

Yeah, that’s pretty hard.

And then there’s the added stress of moving continents for the second time in a year.”


“That sounds like an awful lot to deal with for one person”

I guess it is. You’ve summed it up quite well.

It is a lot to deal with. It’s a lot to process. I’m not sure I’m ready to move on yet. In any way, shape or form.

I think I just need to sit down.

One thought on “phonecall with a counsellor

  1. Dear Storms,

    “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…”

    It is your decision, and yours alone. But clearly a big difficult one.

    I understand there is some sort of Buddhist proverb like “Where ever you go in the world, there you are!”

    Which I take to mean that wherever you go, you take your problems with you.

    In other words, geographical extremism won’t fix it.

    If certain things are currently eating you up, they will eat you up wherever you choose to exist on this fabulous planet, including on a strange new continent which doesn’t have your supportive friends on it? Thus creating an additional stress. But on the other hand, great reconstruction often starts with demolition.

    So if you are changing continents for an appealing opportunity, go for it my friend with all your heart, and I wish you every success.

    How necessary is it to move immediately? That is, are you moving to assuage pain, or grab a great new future – or maybe a bit of both?

    If moving is what is truly in heart, then it will still be a good idea in a month, or three months, or six months time, thus giving you some useful thinking time.

    So I think you will probably press pause, figure all this out to your own satisfaction, and remember not to dwell on anyone else’s ‘needs’ at your expense, as you have had far too much of that in your life already.

    I offer a final note of caution. That well known academic psychology journal ‘Cosmopolitan’ once ran a feature on ways to meet the lover of your dreams. One of them was ‘get a job abroad, then on the night before the flight, pop out for a quiet last drink and the lover of your dreams will be there.’

    All the best, Gerlagen

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