There will be plays you will see, poems you will read, sandwiches you will eat, new friends you will make, new dance moves you will learn. There will be hugs, and there will be kisses that stop time. There will be cups of tea on a balcony with a beautiful view of the sunset. There will be sunrises. There will be holding hands, running through the rain, sheltering under trees, and more kissing. There will be music you haven’t heard yet, that doesn’t even exist yet, that will move you to tears, or become your new favourite track to dance to. There will be weddings, your own included. There will be swimming in a clear blue sea. There will be cold, crisp glasses of New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, on hazy summers evenings. There will be dogs to pet. Films to laugh at. New mountains to climb. There will be warm cosy jumpers and mulled wine at Christmas. There will be a time you see your big sister again. There will be new books to read, that will take you on new adventures from the comfort of your bedroom. There will be more answers than questions. There will be poetry that flows out of you. There will be ceilidhs, and so much dancing. There will be gigs so incredible you lose your voice from screaming the words so loud. There will be new tunes to learn, and to pass on. There will be late nights you never want to end. There will be early morning runs that enrich your soul. There will be new songs to sing.
There will be a time when you no longer remember how bad it got.

3 thoughts on “Stay;

  1. Storms – I for one hope you do stay, as you are a quietly amazing young woman with a lot to offer people and planet.

    You aren’t what happened to you.

    You are someone who loves to love and there is a lot of truth and beauty in your soul that comes out in your excellent writing. Could it be that is your path, which you have been on all this time anyway?

    Your writing often has a song-like quality, lyrics waiting for a tune. Although ‘Stay’ is written as prose, the succession of short phrases read like song lyrics.

    Could it be that the music that does not exist yet is music that you are going to write?

    Could it be those gigs so incredible you lose your voice from screaming the words so loud are you the performer?

    Could it be those new tunes to learn, and to pass on, are tunes that you write?

    Could it be those new songs to sing are YOUR songs?

    You are someone who always fights the black echo, you somehow can’t stop yourself from getting back on the horse no matter what, and are now starting to win.

    Anyone you may choose to love is very lucky.

    Hang on in their Storms, the world needs people like you.

    Why don’t you stay just a little bit longer?

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful response. It almost brought me to tears. I really appreciate your thoughts on my writing and I always look forward to hearing your opinion. Thank you for supporting me 🙂

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